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Akufo-Addo will win by 70% – Group

A group of Ghana Law Students who goes by the name ‘Boom Boom’ for President Akufo-Addo is claiming that President Akufo-Addo will win the presidential election by a one-touch victory.

The group says per its research conducted shows that President Akufo-Addo will win the 2020 presidential election by 70% because he has performed massively.

Benjamin Joe Appiah, aka Bengarzy, leader of the group, said if the president does not win the election by more than 1 million votes, then Ghanaians are grateful.

Appearing on Eboboba on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he told host Kwabena Agyapong that 99% of Ghanaians are going to vote to retain the president and the NPP.

The achievements of the current president, he argued, have transformed the lives of the youth in Ghana.

The group he revealed is made up of law students from GIMPA, UCC, Legion, Ashesi, and other universities nationwide.

He suggested personalities surrounding Mr. Mahama, including Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the General Secretary of NDC, Chairman Ofous-Ampofo, and others, have made him unpopular.

Joe Appiah said the 2020 election is about leadership, and Ghanaian voters must vote for someone who has been able to allocate the resources of the state to benefit all and not just a few.

The management of the COVID-19 outbreak, he added, has been splendid despite the challenges that confronted the economy.

”Boom Boom for Nana Addo is confident that Nana Addo will get more than the one million votes he garnered in 2016. The youth are happy about the work of Nana Addo. I can confidently state that 99% of Ghanaians are happy with the performance of Nana Addo.”

Kwesi Botchway, who accompanied Joe Appiah, added his voice saying, the 2020 polls must give Mr Mahama the shock of his life because he lacks credibility.

He advised Ghanaians to vote massively so Nana Addo0 can lead by more than 1.5 million votes, so Mahama will have no option but to concede to defeat.

He said a little margin would make the NDC reject the results hence the difference must be more than 1.5 million.


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