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Call For Participation And Partnership For The Fourth Blockchain Conference

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Aware of the potential benefits of Blockchain and concerns about barriers to adoption, Blockchain Network, initiated Ghana Blockchain annual conferences in 2017. This created a forum for all interested parties to freely dialogue and address challenges with an interest to showcase solutions for Ghana.

Ghana is gearing up to hold the fourth Ghana Blockchain Conference in Accra. Following the huge success of the first three Ghana Blockchain Conferences, the Organisers, Blockchain Network will host the fourth Conference, themed “Blockchain for digital transformation, ‪from Thursday 29th -30th September‪2021. It will be four hours session from 09.00 – 13;00 daily and will be virtual.

For the past several years, Blockchain and cryptocurrency have gradually gained worldwide recognition. Blockchain, the digital distributed ledger technology for recording an ordered set of transactions securely for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherum, etc, has generated a lot of interest in the business sphere. This technology provides a cryptographic identity for users, peer-to-peer transactions among users, and a payment record of transactions.

Blockchain provides means for the storage of ordered permanent records. This makes it possible to create a digital ledger of transactions shared among a distributed network of computers.
The same ordered permanent storage structure and mechanism has found useful applications in several other areas relevant in our development and adoption of ICTs.

The annual conference provides a platform for collaboration between Stakeholders, Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, and the Blockchain community as a whole. It also seeks to deepen the multi-stakeholder approach to Governance of Blockchain and engage the community to balance innovation and regulation.

The virtual conference will be held over two days of four hours daily from 09:00-13:00 GMT and will feature Plenary Sessions, Key Note Presentations, Panel Discussion, etc focusing on Blockchain technology

Potential Speakers, Partners, Participants, Blockchain enthusiasts should please visit the website to submit Proposals, Register or Partner with us, etc.

The Blockchain Conference is aimed at creating awareness and forum to network with peers, create a good policy environment for Blockchain technology to flourish, knowing the policy issues, meeting stakeholders and share best practices, having first-hand demos on some of the tools, and hearing from the experts. For further information, please visit

Blockchain Network is a Non-Profit organization established as a forum for Blockchain community engagements, networking & sharing of best practices.


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