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Contact sports: Football, rugby to remain closed as State issues guidelines

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Kenya has prepared the guidelines for the resumption of sporting activities amid Covid-19 infections.

In the guidelines seen by the Star on Friday, Sports CS Amina Mohammed said all water sports with high aerosol levels such as swimming to remain closed.

Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs should also remain closed.

Contact sports including football, rugby, hurling, Kungfu, wrestling, Taekwondo netball, baseball, hockey among others will remain closed.

To keep in line with the virus guidelines, spectators will not be allowed into the playing fields unless all protocols have been achieved.

Strict adherence to the same will be enforced for the safety of all participants.

However, adequate preparations can be made by the organizers to avail alternative online and live forums for fans to enjoy their sports.

Others are; respective sports organisations must ensure they disseminate information about Covid-19, athletes support personnel, officials, staff and volunteers.

Below are some of the guidelines;

  • All organisers and venue operators should appoint Covid-19 contact persons(preferable sports officers) and response teams.
  • Ensure availability of handwashing facilities, alcohol-based sanitisers and Gun thermometers.
  • All venue operators should ensure safe environments, carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of venues, associated fixtures and equipment.
  • Officials, the media personnel and all staff working in sports venues during events will all have to take tests.
  • No press conference will be allowed except for flash interviews for athletes. Such interviews will be conducted respecting the social distancing rule.
  • Handshakes, hugs to celebrate achievements is prohibited. Exchange and sharing of uniforms are prohibited.
  • Team event organisers should gather teams in one place prior to and until the end of the championship.

The organisers will keep records and contact information of all the athletes, athlete support personnel and any other person for ease of contact tracing.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines will lead to suspension and/or Revocation of the compliance certificate by the Cabinet Secretary/County Government

Amina said those who flout these guidelines will be prosecuted under the existing laws;(Enforced by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government)

Source: The Star

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