Courier services experience boom in operations amidst COVI-19

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Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many businesses, and thrown economies out of gear causing many to lose revenue and jobs, others have found innovative ways to provide profitable solutions amidst the devastation.

Courier or delivery service providers have for instance seen a major boom in their operations, as the pandemic has seen more people opt for online services.

But one wonders whether the gains made may see a drop when the pandemic subsides or comes to an end

COVID-19 has not only taken lives. It has taken livelihoods and paralysed dreams and businesses. And not many businesses have been able to withstand the destruction caused by the pandemic. One of the few that has not been shaken is the business of courier or delivery.

The Courier business, according to the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission, has seen significant growth over the period of the pandemic.

Nii Yebuah Edwin Burgesson, Public Relations and Consumer Affairs, PCSRC said  the commission was “pleasantly surprised to register more courier businesses than they anticipated during the period when the pandemic was at its peak”.

Abdul Karim Abudu has been in the courier business since 2016.

He said  the business witnessed a major boom at the peak of the pandemic up until now. He noted that he used to “used to deliver up to 20 and more parcels in a day” at the peak of the pandemic.

With ride-hailing companies like Bolt and Uber also venturing into the courier service, the sector certainly presents some significant growth potential, but that also means unscrupulous characters are likely to invade the sector and rob unsuspecting people.

The Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission says it has put measures in place to protect consumers and boost confidence in the sector. “We have a complaint line through which matters like that could be reported to us…we have dealt with many complaints in the past.  …what is necessary is that people deal only with courier companies registered with us”, the commission’s Public Relations and Consumer Affairs, Nii Yebuah Edwin Burgesson said. 

Amidst the business boom brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, one wonders whether the business will see a dip when the pandemic is completely over.

Proprietor of Cora Express Services, Ebenezer Kwegir Aggrey is of the opinion that “Courier business has come to stay”.

Ebenezer however believes a proper regulation of activities in the sector will be required to protect investments and ensure growth in the sector.

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