Fredyma ‘Blesses’ Blogger Zionfelix After He Impregnated Two Women

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Veteran Sound Engineer and entertainment pundit Fredyma

The hunter who brings a good game home, is the one whose meat, hangs on the grill!
Zionfelix Nana Yaw Adomako is a young, energetic, strategic, focused, smart, intelligent, easy going and an affable young man. Those calling him a boy should stop! His record is being played now.

He’s supposed to have impregnated two beautiful ladies whom he was dating and fortunately, they have all given birth and some people whether for genuine or diabolical reasons, can’t stand it! Ɛka sɛn?

When you talk about others, others will also talk about you! Being a blogger and a successful one as such, with instant fame and few properties to showcase just after graduation, beats some people’s imagination so definitely, they will pounce on you when you open your space a bit.
Zionfelix, might have stepped on some toes in the course of his profession so, if he ever wrote “bad” stuff about others, to some people, this is the payback time!

If we are to go back into the archives of some people who are going hard on him, the carcass, dirt and filth that might be uncovered, will beat one’s imagination. With the current technological dispensation, you cannot hide certain things from the public.My little advice to Zionfelix is that, he should stand on his feet and face the consequences. Nana Kwame Ampadu has a song with a lady “Ɛhuru a, ɛbɛdwo! Ɛdeɛn na nsii da? Lady Diana’s marriage even fell on the rocks.

The bitter pill is swallowed by man! Some people chastising him, had worse lifestyles when they were of his age. Learn to carry your own cross. There are carpenter tools around. You can buy some and make your own cross too. Obi atopa fa wo ho ben?

I am hoping that, he is able to take good care of the kids. As for marriage, it’s a matter of choice. I bless you this day Zionfelix with “sisi mu den” in all your future bedroom acrobatics. Lol
Omama ho yɛ ahi! Hwɛ wo nantieɛ mu yie. Watch every step of your way for, traps have been set for you. Zion train is coming your way. It runs on two lanes, Adepa ne Adom .

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