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Ghana Police must learn how to communicate – Security Expert

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Security Expert, Richard Kumador, has said that he is not impressed with the communique by the Police Service that cautions the public to be wary of “strange” objects following the explosion of a grenade at the La beach that has left some children in a critical medical condition.

Following the explosion which caused injuries to four children who were playing along the La Beach, the Greater Accra Regional Police cautioned the general public especially parents and community leaders to be wary of strange objects they chance upon and immediately draw the attention of the police for the appropriate response.

However, Richard Kumador, has opined that such information is vague as efforts should be directed at explaining the “strange objects” to the public.

“The police service must speak properly. They must train and develop the Public Relations department. Then again empower the NCCE with resources. The Ministry of Information shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Work with the information service and partner with the NCCE across the country. Run education in all our local languages. Then everyone will know what suspicious or strange objects are. Otherwise, it will create a problem for us”, he said.

In a statement signed by the Head of Public Relations at the Greater Accra Regional Police command, the police advised parents not to leave their children unguided. It also added that children should be discouraged from handling unfamiliar objects.

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