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Ghana Police Service dismissed 28 police officers

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The Ghana Police Service has dismissed 28 personnel for showing unprofessionalism.

This was as a result of complaints lodged by the public, of which they were found culpable.

There were 181 instances of amateur conduct that was recorded, was from January to August 2020.

The Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Sheila Kessie Abayie-Buckman stated that some of the misconducts as insubordination, drunk at work and also engaging in part-time business outside the Service without authorization.

Others were negligent, which caused a prisoner to escape from custody, failure to make entrance in certifications, misuse of gun, and absent from duty without authorization.

Mrs Abayie-Buckman said the affected police officers were from the ranks of Constable to Assistant Commissioner of Police that is; “Constable, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent and Assistant Commissioner of Police”.

During investigations, 151 of the cases reported were found to be partially true, besides the 28 policemen who were sacked, some had their rankings decreased, she said.

Mrs Abayie-Buckman stated in 2019, out of the 291 grievances made against law enforcement agents, 191 were guilty.

She said the disciplinary actions were taken to keep high standards of professionalism and trust in the Police.

On the other hand, some policemen, consisting of 43 from the Headquarters, were applauded for excellent conduct in between January and August, 2020, she stated.

“The Police Administration is making efforts to educate the men and women on the need to exhibit professionalism at all times,”

She advised the general public not to hesitate to report the misbehaviour of any kind of the police to the suitable quarters.

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