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Group wants Special Prosecutor out of office

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Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), a civil society group is demanding for the removal of the Special Prosecutor from office citing his inability to prosecute a single case since he was appointed in to office.

This was contained in a report copied to the President indicating that it’s been over two years since Martin Amidu has been in office yet not a single case has been in court to be prosecutor.

“Our call is on the basis of his incompetence. We believe that there have been a number of issues emanating from the office of the Special Prosecutor raises questions of the competence of Mr. Martin Amid. The Special Prosecutor Office returned unused budgetary funds or unused allocations back to government coffers. It means that the government has given the office of the Special Prosecutor much money which he could even use, and they returned [it] back to the government and so the office is getting the necessary resources and support from the government but unfortunately, the output has been very minimal.” says the Executive Director of ASEPA, Mensah Thompson.

Mr. Thompson also recommended that the processes under Article 146 should be invoke to impeach Mr. Amidu. He also said the office has been rendered ineffective due to lack of funds that government have not made available.

The Executive Director of ASEPA has also advised President Akufo-Addo to assess the Special Prosecutor and make a decision.

“In fact since 2017, we haven’t seen a single prosecution done by the office. So why do we still keep Martin Amidu in place so we have sent a copy of our report to the president and we expect the presidency to act on the proper assessment of the office? The presidency should use its own discretion to decide if they want to keep him in office or not. Per the law, as it stands, you cannot change him and appoint a new person but because his stature is like a High Court judge, the processes of article 146 can be invoked.” he said.

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