I could’ve died instead of the taxi driver Gemann shot – Jagger Pee

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Veteran Ghanaian actor, Abeiku Nyame, also known as Jagger Pee, has disclosed that he could have ended in the morgue instead of the taxi driver his friend, Gemann, shot and killed.

According to Jagger Pee, he did not even see Gemann shoot at the taxi driver as the latter fired the gun from behind him.

Speaking on Y97.9FM, Jagger Pee said, “To be honest with you, the shot came from behind me. Gemann was standing behind me and fired the gun. I cannot understand till now how the shot came from behind and hit the taxi driver. It could’ve been me, it could’ve been me.”

Reacting to claims he held on to the driver for Gemann to shoot him, Jagger Pee said the scenario was not logical. “I was only telling the driver to go back home to reverse the curse and come back for his money.”


Gemann decided to venture into the movie industry with the help of his actor friend Jagger Pee who was already in the movie industry. Jagger Pee visited Gemann at his Dome residence and met a lady by the name Vic.

Whiles there, they were expecting a lady friend of Gemann by the name Nadia.

Nadia arrived at Gemann’s residence with a Taxi. There was a disagreement between Nadia and the Taxi Driver concerning the fare.

Nadia said they agreed on 3,000 Cedis now (30 pesewas) whiles the driver said the agreed fare was 4000 Cedis now (40 pesewas).

This generated an argument between Gemann and the Taxi Driver. Gemann threw 3,000 Cedis into the Taxi which the driver reluctantly accepted.

The Taxi driver moved away and returned to collect the sand under Gemann’s feet to allegedly juju him.

This did not go down well with Gemann as he entered his room to bring out a gun. All this while, Jagger pee was holding the driver to prevent him from moving away with the collected sand.

Gemann returned with a gun, fired some warning shots, and shot straight at the Taxi driver who died instantly on the spot.

Gemann, Jagger Pee, Nadia, and Vic were arrested. After a couple of years at the court, Nadia and Vic were acquitted and discharged. Jagger pee was sentenced to life imprisonment for abetment to crime and the main culprit, Gemann was put on death roll: death sentence in simple terms.

The latter went for appeal and, Jagger pee got his sentence reduced to two years in retrospect but Gemann’s verdict was sustained.

Life smiled on Gemann when in 2009, President Kufour granted some Prisoners’ pardon before leaving office, he was included in the list.

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