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I’ll not retract the insult, My government is in power – NPP Communicator goes haywire

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The NPP Communicator dissed the late former president, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills for his inability

A member of the Communication team of the ruling New Patriotic Party,(NPP)Engineer Nana Afari Kwagyir Aggrey has indicated angrily that because he is a member of the ruling government he wouldn’t retract insults he hurled at late ex-President Prof.John Evans Atta Mills and running mate of John Dramani Mahama for the 2020 polls, Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang.

Ranting on Hot 93.9FM’s ‘Dwenehobiom’ Political show with the host Chairman K.K and a member of the communication team of the Opposition National Democratic Congress, Tomtom, the NPP communicator,Nana Afari Kwagyir Aggrey who informed that he was pursuing his Master’s degree scorned the late ex-president and Prof. Jane Naana Opoku- Agyemang and demeaned their achievements.

The NPP Communicator dissed the late former president, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills for his inability to pronounce the word “Economy” correctly.

The NDC Communicator,Tomtom,who could not watch Mr Aggrey drag the face of his highly esteemed party members, through chagrin burst out in fury and demanded that the NPP communicator retracted his words.

According to the former, it is inappropriate and unacceptable for the latter to make such obnoxious remarks about the two Professors.

Tomtom made an allusion to the high school students who insulted the President insisted furiously that if the public sees that action as disrespectful, then the NPP communicator must take back his comment.

To the chagrin of listeners and the host of the show,Chairman K.K,the NPP communicator, however, retorted with clarity and emphasis, saying, “I’ll never withdraw my statement because my government is ruling.when are you coming to power, that you are asking me, government in power, to retract my statement?”

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