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Kaaka’s murder trial adjourned to October 28

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The Attorney General’s office has asked the police to conduct further investigations into the case, where three persons are standing trial for their alleged involvement in the death of Ibrahim Muhammed, popularly known as Kaaka.

The Attorney General’s office says it will only give its advice on the matter after the probe.

This was made known by the Prosecutor handling the case, Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

The court has thus adjourned the case to Thursday, October 28, 2021, while the three accused persons remain in police custody.

Speaking to journalists after the court proceedings, Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi said “the AG was swift in his response to the Regional Commander in respect of this matter that we need to conduct further investigations into the issue.”

“According to the AG, more facts and evidence are needed before a conclusion can be arrived at. This is a first-degree felony case, and so it needs more digging.”

The family of the late Ibrahim Muhammed on the other hand is not satisfied with the way the matter is being handled.

“I wasn’t quite surprised when the Prosecutor said they needed to conduct further investigations into the issue. It will surprise you to know that it was on 30 September 2021 that a team of investigators, crime scene management experts from national and regional came to the house.”

“After meeting the elders of the family, they told as to search the scene as it happened on that fateful day. A service that says it is on top of the issue is now starting an investigation. They were never on top of their game then. This means that all this while they were running with no information. They are now starting their investigations.”

Kaaka died on Monday, June 28, 2021, after he was attacked by unknown assailants while returning home from an event he attended in the area.

Earlier reports suggested that Kaaka was killed because of his social activism, which some persons felt was making the government unpopular, but police reports suggest otherwise after three people including his brother were arrested and put before the court over the killing.

The Interior Ministry subsequently constituted a three-member committee chaired by Justice George Kingsley Koomson to probe the issue and make recommendations.

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