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Kojo Adu-Asare Writes: Congrats To The Chairman General Kwami Sefa Kayi

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As à host of one of Ghana’s foremost morning shows on radio, Ķwame has ènlarged the space for many young people to strive for excellence behind the console whenever they obtained the opportunity.

Having started radio from an English broadcasting Station (Radio Golď) for almost five years, He appeared on Peace FM’s flagship morning show, but this time he hosted the show in Twi.

Kwame’s humor and dexterity at handling interviews made his Kokrokoo show a major influencer of broadcasting in Ghana.
His panel for weekly discussion cut across politics, academia, and civil society among others.

The Friday edition of his discussion segment has always been one that can be termed as the privileged panel, it has hosted many stalwart politicians across all political divides. Some notable names he hosted are Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo, Ing. Kwabena Adjei-Agyepong, Hon. Dan Botwe, Hon. Felix Twumasi-Appiah, Snr. Kwesi Pratt, James Kwabena Bonfeh, John Boadu, Sammy Awuku, Sammy Gyamfi, and of course Yours Truly among a number of other seasoned personalities.

One special feature about the Friday panel was the item thirteen arrangement that climaxes the Friday show.

Kwame is unpredictable with his decisions whilst on-air, and this is one area that gets some of his panel members in trouble with him. He establishes his control over his programs snd expects full compliance to his rules, no one is allowed to import rules from other studios into his studio.

Much as I personally had challenges with the balance on his set sometimes, I later stopped bothering because I reckoned it was their production policy and that my views could not help rearrange, so I rather ensured I did my research well and ensure to deliver my sessions with accurate facts, figures, and passion. He will also let u know that His producers are in charge of inviting the panel but he is in charge of his program when it starts till it ends.

Kwame gave me the nickname ‘Swagger’ on one of his shows at the time when Peace FM was operating from their old office at Mile Seven in Achimota. It came as a result of me dancing to a then-popular song titled ‘Swagger’ by Ruff & Smooth. He called the attention of his listeners to come to see “The Hon Swagger” doing a dance in his studio, that is how that name till date remains my nickname.

Myself and James Kwabena Bonfeh (Kabila) were also instrumental in christening him with the ‘Chairman General title. Kabila and others used to call him Chaiman on the show, and when Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah chose to name his office title As Apostle General, (The biggest among all apostles) we also decided to confer on Kwame the Chairman General title (The biggest among all Chairmen). He has graciously fitted into that space very creditably as an influencer for brands, products, benevolence and role-modeling the youth in how to carry out tasks and excel even with little resources.

He remains one of Ghana’s big shoes to attempt fitting-in when it comes to hosting events as Master of Ceremonies (Compère). His baritone voice always brings poise and finesse to those events.

I cannot write about Kwame without mentioning the immense support in diverse ways I received from him during my quest to seek election as Member of Parliament for Adenta and twice as Deputy General Secretary, one of which my name metamorphosed to read ‘Justice Yeboah’ as a result of what was later attributed to ‘The Printer’s Devil’.

Kwame is a staunch family man with values that resonates with his Akuapim lineage (My Akwapim brother). He loves his ‘girls’ (children) to bits as much as he cherishes his one wife.(emphasis mine)
His mother is a big influence on him as much as his military barracks training also kicks in to shape his disciplinary aura.

Kwame has so much to offer this country and I believe his best is yet to come.

I have always believed that bigger doors will open for him to fill and so I wasn’t surprised to hear of his appointment as a board member to the National Petroleum Authority. Hurray!!! Congratulations bro!!

I just want to encourage you to remain resolute, no amount of ‘shades’ from detractors should shake your feathers.
I know you so well and I can attest to the fact that you don’t fit in some of the descriptions attributed to you. Social Media has sadly made many Ghanaians into monsters who even devour the hands that may be of help to them one day in future.

As I’ve said to you elsewhere, your success will pave the way for a lot of young ones to be considered for top positions in the future.

You are a Ghanaian, you deserve the rights that is conferred on all of us Ghanaians irrespective of whichever party you voted for or against. You campaigned openly not only for me during our national elections but for many others colleagues in my party, you did so for many others in the NPP and we salute you for that gesture as we collectively salute you on your appointment as well.

Even the little ones who’s lives the incubators you provided helped to save are grateful and are the ones thanking God for your life and for this appointment, knowing this will pave the way fòr more hospitals to receive their share of your gesture in due season.

Bro! Have a swell tenure at NPA, continue to keep the body in shape. We all have crossed into the danger zone (above 50) so pls let’s do ‘everything in moderation and preserve the future in anticipation of our grand and great-grandchildren.

3Fo ny3, Shalom!
Peace and Life to you.

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