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Koo Fori opens up on how house got gutted by fire

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Ghanaian actor, Koo Fori from Efiewura fame, has opened up on how his home was razed down by fire in the late hours of Monday, September 7.

He recalled exactly how after 8: pm, he retired to his bed while watching a program on television when all of a sudden the tv went off.
He first suspected lights out yet when he peeped with his window, he saw that his neighbors had light. He then continue enjoying the programme in the hall since his bed room television was off but only smell a foul odour.

“I heard a different scent like smoke: I thought it was from the kitchen so I quickly run to check but it was not from that part. So I went back to the hall and the whole place was smoky with fire coming from the AC. For a second, I could not smell because the smoke was too much. I was scared to move out because of the fire that was spilling out from the AC,” he told blogger Zionfelix.

Koo Fori revealed that for a moment he was indecisive on whether to go back to the room or move out with his eyes shut while his hands covering his nose.

He finally, without seeing through the thick smoke, his legs led him to the primary door where he got out and started coughing a lot.

Koo Fori stated with the little stamina he had, he screamed for help until a neighbor hurried to his rescue. A loud boom, boom, was all the rescuers who had come in number heard before the entire hall was lit in fires.

He recounted exactly how they all stood defenseless as the windows were all locked, but one of his neighbors created an entry with a cinder block he wrecked the home windows with.


There and them, Koo Fori included, the neighbours tossed containers of water in the hall till the fire died out prior to the Fire Service personnel arrived.

“Even before the fire service came I had lost everything in the hall, nothing was left; TV, sofa, everything was gone except for a freezer sitting in one corner of the hall. All my clothes, even I could not identify the colour of my bedsheets because they had turned black. My bathroom has white tiles, they all turned black,” he recounted. he stated.

That notwithstanding, Koo Fori said he consoles himself that life is worth more than vanity.

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