Low patronage in the sale of nose marks and sanitizers

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Ghana recorded its first case of COVID-19 in march and there was mad rush for nose masks and sanitizers. The prices of these product shot up to 50% with some members unable to get it as a lot of people were basically hoarding it.

Months later, the sales of sanitizers and nose masks has go down. People no longer buy them as they used to when the virus first hit the country.

What could account for this low patronage?

A trader, Owusua said “when the virus came in initially, there was fear that people could contract it if they don’t buy these products but now the fear is gone and people now liken it to malaria. I used to make 500cedis but now making 100cedis a day is a difficulty”

“The patronage of these products has gone because initially the message was ‘spread calm not fear’ but looking at the number of recoveries juxtaposing the number of deaths, people have taking it for granted and are doing their own thing” A drug store owner said.

Ghana’s COVID-19 total cases are 43,949, with recoveries of 42,392 with 270 unfortunately loosing their lives.

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