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Man Set to Divorce Wife After Plumber Found 23 Used Condoms in Blocked Toilet

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A servant narrated an incident that recently occurred in a house where he works as a butler for his uncle who is his boss and wife.

He mentioned that the marriage between his uncle and wife are headed for the rocks after some uncanny discoveries made by a plumber.

“He said “there’s problem in the house! We have been having problems with our toilet for a while now but we received a shock after finding out what the problem was.

“My uncle is 44 and his wife is 34 with 1 kid (girl). They just celebrated their 2 years anniversary.

“My uncle spends most of the time at the shop. He sells spare parts and automobile, he never knew and would  never have believed that his wife brings another man home (who she has once introduced to me as his cousin).

“For two weeks now we have been finding it hard to flush the toilet because the water isn’t flowing freely.

“My uncle called a plumber yesterday, the plumber had to call my uncle to show him what the problem is.

“To our surprise there were condoma and one of them is still fresh with some sperm inside.

“My uncle was surprised because he said he never used it on her since they got married.

“He just built the house which is not even up to a year.

”Now their marriage is on the line of collapsing, I like the wife very well because she is kind and generous.

“She buys me latest things like phones, shoes, shirts etc.

“I don’t know how to contribute to the issues because I am just a servant.

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