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Martin Amidu has confirmed assertions of his incompetence – Ben Abdallah

Chairperson of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament, Ben Abdallah Banda, says the resignation of Martin Amidu only affirms criticisms that he was not up for the task as a Special Prosecutor.

Mr Banda mentioned that initially, he believed Mr Amidu was the right man for the position because he knew him to be “tough, determined, and to some extent competent.”

“When I heard the news of his resignation, I said that Martin Amidu has vindicated those who said he could not perform the job to the satisfaction of the Ghanaian populace,” he said.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Evans Mensah, Mr Banda called out the Special Prosecutor for being unethical in publicising his resignation.

He explained that the right action was for Mr Amidu to go directly to the President who gave him the appointment, and if for any reason, he “wanted to resign, he should have sent his resignation letter to the President.“I find it unethical, going to the extent of revealing certain secrets which to me should have been kept secret,” he added.

The Chairperson of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament added that the resignation has been accepted and at the appropriate time, “a very good replacement will be found by the President to continue the work Martin Amidu left behind.”

Source: Adomonline

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