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Minimize prosperity gospel, preach repentance to curb crimes – Apostolic Church President

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The President of the Apostolic Church Ghana (TAC-GH), Apostle Dr. Aaron Amin-Narh, has bemoaned the upsurge in criminal cases in Ghana, attributing such issues to greed and wickedness.

Although he said such times were predicted by the Bible, Dr. Amin-Narh said the Christian community cannot look on unconcerned.

A number of bizarre crime cases have been recorded within the last few months, with some attributed to ritual killings.

Notable among the cases is the killing of 11-year-old, Ishmael Mensah, who was allegedly killed by two teenagers for ritual purposes at Lamptey Mills, a suburb near Kasoa, as well as another one reported in Abesim in the Bono Region, where 28-year-old Richard Appiah has been accused of killing three persons and keeping some of their body parts in a refrigerator.

Responding to questions on why criminal cases have gone up, although Ghana has over 70% of its population being Christians, Apostle Dr. Amin-Narh in a Citi News interview said such heinous crimes are a wake-up call on the Christian community.

“Crime is on the ascendency and wickedness is rising. It is true that the Bible forecast such times, but it does not mean that we [Christians] should sit down with our arms folded. There are certain things we can do to help in such situations. In the first place, if we have a society that thinks that riches is better than a good name, then this is where we will end up. But the Bible teaches us that a good name is better than riches. And we must uphold this as a church, and we must preach it and our values must trumpet it.”

“We should trumpet good behaviour and frown on evil behaviour. When people are making money wrongly, and we know, we should address it. But now it looks as if the means do not matter, just get the wealth, and you will be praised and everybody will follow you,” he bemoaned.

The President of the Apostolic Church Ghana also urged church leaders across the country to use their platforms to preach repentance and tone down on the prosperity gospel.

He said criminal cases could reduce if his advice is adhered to.

“When we come to church, we must hear about repentance. Today, we preach popular prosperity without talking about repentance. So there are a lot of people in the church who have not repented, and they are there just to grab something. Such people will go into the world and use any means to get rich. So when we [the church] come back and talk about repentance, the love of God…then I believe we will get somewhere. But the current rat race will not take us anywhere,” he added.

Dr. Amin-Narh spoke to Citi News over the weekend at the Apostolic Church Ghana Retreat, Resource and Conference Centre at Frafraha in Accra when leaders of the church met with media personnel who work with various media houses across the country, and are also members of the church.

The meeting was to seek inputs from the media personnel on how to consolidate the church’s media presence in projecting the gospel and also push its new TV channel –TAC TV.

“We called all the media personnel in the church together to brainstorm with them on how we can, together, bring the word of God and the love of God to the doorstep of everyone in this nation and also to talk about our TV station [TAC TV] and how we can use such a tool to glorify God. Our main slogan for the TV station is belting the globe with the gospel. That is the glorious vision of the church, which directs us to take the gospel everywhere. We also invited the media personnel, so we could also brainstorm on how to do television God’s way,” Dr. Amin-Narh noted.

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