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For well over three hundred thousand followers, there’s a lot to look forward to on the Instagram page of penciled celebrities. The good, the bad, and the ugly in society, worldwide. The offer on the table is of tantalizingly eye-pleasing genius craft from the hands of an artistic creator. Like most hardworking creatives, his is a life of loneliness and mental strength, the kind that churns our eye-popping reactions from the designs and paintings. Then the work is shared, often with viral intensity. Society is once again awakened by a snapshot of life as we know it, through the lens of a pencil artist.

For Ray Styles, the talent behind these works, time is running out. For him and the audience. The works that get the social media paparazzi drooling might soon be in short supply, depending on how long his health holds out. This wonderful artist is now in a desperate state, with his health failing him by the day. As a society, not much is seen of how well we celebrate the everyday people around us, especially those behind-the-scenes. At this juncture in his life, “Ray” would do anything in the world to get the support of his hundreds of thousands of followers, and more out there, be it lovers of art or not. The call for rescue comes in the form of a pale physical impression of the artist responsible for these wonderful creations on social media, representing penciled celebrities. This physical impression of our artist, no other artist would dare to illustrate without breaking down in tears. Unlike his works, it cannot be shared. But the grim fact remains that time is running out for Ray.

This is an S.O.S. call for help from any quarter, in the form of a financial donation, no matter the amount, to restore the energy, strength, and stamina for an artist with a lot to offer the world. This is our humble plea to followers of penciled celebrities, fans of great art, as well as Ghanaians near and far: here is an artist calling out for us all to be citizens sensitive to his health predicament, not spectators. Time is running out on the next opportunity to see a great work of art from this young man we simply cannot turn our backs to, especially for those of us that know him. Our contributions can restore his glory days of health from its current state of an ailment that shows no mercy to the lungs and physical shape. The sooner he is attended to under a certificate of emergency, the better the rescue attempt would be.

Tell your neighbor that time is running out. Ray needs our help, desperately. As we all know, cancer is not famous for showing mercy to its victims…

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