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Schools must reconsider enrolling girls who want to come back after giving birth-NGO

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Africa Education And Learning Watch, an NGO has promoted for even more adaptable admissions right into Secondary schools for girls who try to go back to college after maternity.

This is because of its research study indicating that the closure of schools throughout the
country because of coronavirus increased the rate of adolescent pregnancy.
Kofi Asare, the Executive Supervisor of Africa Education and learning Watch, noted that the existing infrastructure of admissions under the totally free Secondary school system did not permit re-entry.

“The Free Senior High School gives students a unique ID number and that number is the basis for which the government pays your fees. That number is valid for only three years,” he discussed.

To resolve this, he said his NGO was engaging the Minister of Education and various other stakeholders.

“Our aim was to engage policymakers on how to make the admissions system flexible, at least for girls who are re-entering because it is envisaged that the long school closures in Ghana will have an effect on the teenage pregnancies,” Mr. Asare said.

The NGO’s study in July discovered that 20 percent of the school in their survey recorded cases of girls not going back to institution because 85 percent of the women were expecting and 15 percent had actually married early.
The research was conducted using 200 colleges throughout the nation comprising Middle school Schools as well as Senior High Schools (SHS) throughout the reopening duration for last year students.

To curb the incidences of teen pregnancy, Africa Education Watch is working to start community-level project “Aimed at ensuring that girls are more assertive and more resistant to violence and they are less prone to get into activities that will get them pregnant.”

Mr. Asare said Ghana has not done enough of sexual and reproductive health and wellness rights because of cultural and religious reasons.

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