Some popular musicians who changed stage names

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Stage names are not just titles artists go by, they are full-fledged brands that serve as a mode of identification for them, however, celebrities tend to change their names as their careers progress and their style evolves.

Some artists have gone ahead to change their names due to one reason or the other.

Here is a list of popular musicians that changed their stage names:

Tic Tac to Tic

Tic Tac Popular hiplife musician, Tic Tac, has his name changed to Tic as part of the rebranding process and revamp of his music career.

Batman to Batman Samini to Samini

Samini is regarded as one of the greatest musicians in Ghana. He has performed on some of the greatest platforms in Gh and around the world. He has won countless awards. When it comes to the Dancehall genre in Ghana, Samini is a legend.

When he first entered the Gh music scene, he was called Batman. Within a twinkling of an eye, he changed to Batman Samini before finally settling on Samini after a couple of years. And has achieved a lot since the name change. It really worked for him.

Well, according to the artist, he changed from Batman because people were shortening it as Batty which means a different thing in Jamaica and he has no intention of associating with that term. He chose Samini because it’s his real name.

Bandana to Shatta Wale

When Dancehall King Shatta Wale entered the Ghana music scene with his “Bandana From Ghana” Hit song. Bandana was his name. Bandana was calm, kind of shy and respectful. But he later got lost in the industry and went underground.

Bandana emerged with the name Shatta Wale and he has been doing wonders. It’s simply amazing. With “Shatta Wale” he changed his demeanour as well. He has also switched from calm Bandana to the vocal Shatta Wale.

He also changed from Hiplife to Dancehall. Shatta Wale is now part of the greatest artists in Ghana. The name change has really worked for him.

Ayigbe Edem to Edem

Edem undoubtedly is one of the finest rappers in Ghana. When he entered the music scene in 2008, he came with the name Ayigbe Edem. But right after his first Album, he changed to Edem.

According to him, he had come to realize that the name “Ayigbe” is a derogatory term hence the change. Well, Edem although has fallen a little from grace the past few years. But he is still regarded as one of the best.

Jane Awindor/Jane to Efya

When Efya was ushered into the Ghana Music scene through Stars of The Future Talent Show, the music diva was called Jane. She later changed her name to Efya.

By all indications, Efya has achieved more with the name “Efya” than with “Jane”. She keeps going higher and higher each day.

Christiana Love to Obaapa Christy 

Obaapa Christy Celebrated gospel singer changed her name to Obaapa Christy since her divorce from her husband, Pastor Love.

Wizkid to Big Wiz

Wizkid has gone through many names in the course of his career. He used to go by the stage name Lil Prince before becoming well-known in the industry.

He changed his name to Wizkid when he formally began his music career. Wizkid has been cautious with songs released under the “Wizkid” alias after signing his mega-deal with Sony in 2016, preferring to use the “Starboy” identity, which also symbolises his label.

In 2021, he startled followers by changing his Instagram handle to Big Wiz. Despite the fact that the name change isn’t official, many people have already begun to refer to him by that name.

Kanye West

Kanye West has performed under his own name since the beginning of his career. Kanye West legally changed his name to “Ye” with no middle or last name in August 2021.


On February 18, the multi-talented singer and songwriter formerly known as ‘Buju’ revealed his rebranding and stage name change to ‘BNXN’, which generated a lot of reactions from his fans.

The fast-rising singer made an official announcement regarding the changing of his stage name in a statement on his social media pages accompanied with a video.

Source: Starrfm.com.gh

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