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Trump tweets ‘WE WILL WIN’ despite no legal victories or evidence in fraud battle

President Donald Trump is continuing to lie about the results of the 2020 US elections, writing a series of tweets on Tuesday that claimed “big progress” was being made in his legal battles against the electoral process — despite not having a single victory in the courts or providing any credible evidence to back his false claims.

The president posted multiple all-caps tweets on Tuesday, writing to his nearly 90 million online followers: “WE ARE MAKING BIG PROGRESS. RESULTS START TO COME IN NEXT WEEK. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In a follow-up tweet, he added: “WE WILL WIN!”

To be clear, officials projections have already indicated President-elect Joe Biden secured more than the 270 electoral votes required to win the White House, while Mr Trump only earned 214. He does not have the votes for re-election, and has made false claims about the election long before the results were ever announced, saying he could only lose if there was mass voter fraud. 

Of the many legal challenges to the election the president has filed in recent days, experts said they have yet to see any meaningful cases that could upend the results.

Mr Trump’s lawsuits were thrown out in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, as judges said they were not credible and otherwise frivolous. The president’s re-election campaign has meanwhile continued seeking donations from supporters while demanding recounts in key states Mr Biden managed to flip from red to blue.

Judges also have dismissed the president’s requests to stop counting the vote in states like Pennsylvania, where his campaign wanted ballots to stop being counted in the Democratic-stronghold region of Philadelphia.

Mr Trump has also demanded mail-in ballots were not counted in states across the country, after having made false claims about voting by mail for months leading up to Election Day.

The president has frequently falsely claimed mail-in voting was plagued by fraud despite a vast pool of research and evidence showing the voting option to be safe from cheating. In fact, evidence has actually shown mail-in voting to be an incredible efficient and effective way to accurately and fairly conduct the voting process, with research even showing that voting by mail does not skew towards one party: both Democrat and Republican voters cast ballots by mail in red and blue states nationwide.

However, the president’s repetitive attacks on mail-in voting appeared to cause a decline in Republicans using the alternative voting option, as experts said Mr Trump may have actually depressed his own turnout by urging them not to vote by mail in the midst of a global pandemic.

Source: The Independent

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