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United Airlines travellers stranded at KIA before US-bound flight is cancelled

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Some travellers who were scheduled to travel via US-based United Airlines were left frustrated after their flight was postponed despite waiting for hours at the Kotoka International Airport.

The customers, who were flying to Dallas in the US, started checking in from around 6:00pm on Saturday, August 21, 2021, but were left without any information on why their flight was delayed until after 2:00am on Sunday morning.

“The whole misunderstanding was that there was no communication. Nobody was saying anything until some of the passengers started confronting them,” one of the travellers, Beatrice Frimpong, told

She recounted that, at some point, some of the passengers deiced to mobilise and just barge into the plane.

“Nobody was giving us any information about why we were still waiting for a flight at 11:45 pm.”

“It is frustrating to sit in the airport for hours. There was basically no space to sit anyway. There were a lot of people sitting there and a lot of kids. There were children screaming and kids crying and mothers who were frustrated,” Beatrice said.

It was following the agitations that Beatrice said the travlellers were told there “was a problem with the flight”.

After the announcement, the passengers were told arrangements were being made to provide the customers with hotels for the night.

They were asked to return later on Sunday for the rescheduled flight.

When reached out for comment later on Sunday, an official of United Airlines in Ghana, did not deny the incident, but told that she could only comment later since they were checking in travellers for the trip.

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