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US Advises Citizens In Kabul Not To Travel To Airport

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US flights out of Kabul airport have resumed after major delays on Friday. But the US has advised citizens not to travel to Kabul airport because of a security threat at the gates.

American helicopters have been flying US citizens to the airport from a hotel compound nearby.

Scramble to leave Kabul intensifies

Journalist Nadene Ghouri is part of a group of people helping Afghans get on an evacuation list to leave the country.

Speaking to the BBC, she has described the cases she is dealing with, including an award-winning journalist hiding in a basement, and a female activist in a safe house.

She adds: “I’ve got another family of journalists, a mother who’s about to give birth and then I had a really critical case that I did manage to get onto an evacuation flight this morning – his family have been arrested.

“Again they’ve been given a deadline to bring him to the Taliban, if they don’t then the Taliban say there will be reprisals for his family. We managed to get him an evacuation flight. I’ve been WhatsApping him all morning.

“Heartbreakingly, he can’t get into the airport.”

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