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You should be marching for SADA, Airbus and not JJ’s Probity and Accountability- Bawumia to NDC

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) should be marching for SADA and Airbus and not the values its founder, Jerry John Rawlings stood for.

The NDC in a statement said it will be marching for probity and accountability in honor of its founder who died a few weeks ago.

Addressing some supporters of the New Patriotic Party at the Yendi Senior High School in the Northern Region, Dr. Bawumia said “Today, after the death of the former President, may his soul rest in peace, Jerry John Rawlings, they are now there saying they are marching in his honour for probity and accountability. Where was the probity and accountability when they were chopping the SADA money?

He also said “They should be marching for the SADA guinea fowls not for probity and accountability; that’s the march they should be doing and we will see what accountability they have given. They should be marching for the bus branding scandal, they should be marching for the Airbus scandal. That is the probity and accountability Ghanaians want to see.”

Dr. Bawumia, at the same event, said the NDC is party of hypocrites and dishonest people who spoke ill of its founder, Jerry John Rawlings when he was alive but are now marching in honor of his values.

“When Jerry John Rawlings was alive, they [NDC] were not marching for probity and accountability; they were rather disrespecting him, they were calling him ‘barking dog’, ‘the Volta god’, isn’t that the case? They were disrespecting him, they got babies with sharp teeth to attack him; isn’t that the case? Today, now that he’s dead, they are saying they are marching for probity and accountability.” the Vice President said.

“Their march should be named ‘the march for hypocrisy and dishonesty’. That is the march that they should be marching – hypocrisy and dishonesty” he added.

Source: Ghana Waves

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