Zapp Mallet clarifies feeling ‘German in Ghanaian body’ tweet

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Zapp Mallet

Multi-award winning and veteran Ghanaian recording engineer and a record producer, Zapp Mallet (Emmanuel Mallet) on Sunday caused a social media stir with a tweet that seem a jibe on the ongoing LGBTQI+ debate.

In what he tells Graphic Online is a complete joke, Zapp Mallet had tweeted that he felt he is a German but trapped in a Ghanaian body, and proceeded to appeal to the German Embassy to help him come out of his Ghanaian body.

Since the tweet however, media reports have suggested he is asking to be relocated out of Ghana, and has had to rebut a couple or so of such twists.

One Erik Kwaku Mina sees no joke in the tweet and bares his disagreements with no flattery at all, accusing Zapp of lacking patriotism and betraying his motherland and children because the times are hard, and no amount of explanations by Zapp seem to work the magic. Mina, while acknowledging Zapp’s status, wonders why those to tutor the up and coming should be abandoning the country.

But Zapp insists “I was misquoted. I didn’t use the word country. I said body and in case you’ve forgotten, body and country are 2 different things…”

To all who are misconstruing ‘body’ for ‘country’, he says they would have failed pɔtɔɔ in any examination.

But he says it is a big joke.

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