Amma Frimpomaa endorses 4more4Nana at Hope Campaign’s Virtual Rally

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Managing Director of SIC Life Savings & Loans, Amma Frimpomaa Dwumah

The Managing Director of SIC Life Savings & Loans, Amma Frimpomaa Dwumah, has endorsed another well-deserved four years for President Nana Akufo-Addo.

She justified that Nana Akufo-Addo under the NPP government has created a complete value chain which gives hope to the youth, especially young girls in Ghana.

According to her, the president has strategically worked to close all the gaps in the development of the Ghanaian youth hence the need to renew his mandate.

Mrs. Dwumah was addressing Hope Campaign’s Round 2 Virtual Rally held online over the weekend. The event was organized by the NPP Hope Campaign team which is the first of its kind among a couple of others to be organized in the coming weeks.

She reminded Ghanaians that Nana Akufo-Addo is a servant leader committed to the progress of Ghana, adding that in Akufo-Addo “we have a member of the older generation interested in protecting the younger generation with a proven track record, who we can trust to deliver.”

She appealed to Ghanaians, and more especially as young people to vote massively for Nana Addo and the NPP government to protect this progress as he works to transform Ghana.

“The decision we have to make in 87 Days is a choice between two contrasting visions. The choice for the Ghanaian youth is a choice between 4 More to do More by Nana Akufo-Addo and 4 More to correct mistakes by John Dramani. The 2020 Elections offers Ghanaians a straight forward decision between Progress and backwardness since it is a choice between 4 more years of a strengthened economy capable of creating opportunities for the youth against 4 years of John Mahama telling Ghanaians he is not a magician to put money in our pockets,” she said.

“Now with all of these, what the NPP is asking of the Ghanaian Youth is 4 More to do more of these. 4 More to create a seamless transition from Free SHS to tertiary Education by removing the guarantor system in the loan applications; again ensuring poverty is no longer a barrier. 4 More to expand and improve on Free SHS by removing Double track through sustained infrastructural development and fine tuning the policy; 4 More to complete all the 232 Factories, and establish new ones; 4 More to expand NEIP to reach more Entrepreneurs 4 More to improve on Planting for food and jobs and Planting for Export and Rural Development to be truly ready to serve the factories and 4 More more to protect Teachers and Nurses Allowance.”

Touching on the NABCO Program, she said those who had already hustled through the rigours of formal education but were victims of Mr John Mahama’s unemployment epidemic, have enjoyed under NABCO.

The NABCO now serves as a stop gap/transition to absorb and provide some relief to them. At the same time providing them with the needed work experience to improve their chances of securing jobs in the future.

She said the president has embarked on a massive industrialization drive resulting in the creation and revamping of 232 factories in Districts across the country with about 76 Operational, and creating thousands of jobs.

“This development is automatically going to absorb young graduates into permanent formal employment. The young person in the informal sector, now has the opportunity to be productive under the Planting for Food and Jobs as well as the Planting for exports and Rural Development which provides the raw materials for the Factories and serves as the base for the sustainability and survival of the factories. In addition, it provides jobs for the rural youth, helping stem the tide of rural youth massing up in urban centers with no means of livelihood,” she emphasized.

She continued “the child who hitherto was not likely to progress after basic school and with a high likelihood of staying idle and unemployed has been provided with Free SHS, the single most important Youth development Policy since the foundation of Modern Day Ghana. This ensures that every Ghanaian Youth has the minimum level of Formal education which will equip them with the necessary skills for the future ahead. Today, over 1.2 Million children have gone through the Free SHS/Free TVET without any barrier to keep them at home.”

Amma Frimpomaa further posited that the young person who had managed to start a business or had a business idea and was struggling to grow has received some glitter of hope with the introduction of the National Entrepreneurial and Innovation Programme which has so far provided funding for several young entrepreneurs with over 20,000 trained through the National Entrepreneurial training initiative.

“For that young person who has been managing that small business and corner trade but saw her progress destabilised by COVID-19, Nana Akufo-Addo has introduced the “Adom Micro Loan” through the NBSSI Coronavirus Alleviation Programme and Business Support Scheme. If you appraise Nana Akufo-Addo’s Government critically, you would realise that the policies are touching on every segment of the young person in Ghana. The teenagers are receiving Free SHS and Free TVET, the unemployed are being supported to gain needed experience and still earn income under NABCO, factories are being built to absorb our young and restless graduates, funds are being made available to support young entrepreneurs and those who are into small scale businesses, those who already found themselves in the informal sector have been given the opportunity to operate within the agricultural sector to serve as the engine room for the industries,” she concluded.

Other speakers at the gathering were Sammi Awuku, National Organiser of the ruling NPP, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah Minister of Information and MP for Ofoase Ayirebi, Sheila Bartels, the Parliamentary Candidate for Ablekumaj North, and Akosua Manu (Kozie) the Deputy CEO for the National Youth Authority.

Source: Starr FM

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