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Be circumspect of generous secret societies and church leaders – Okoh Agyemang warns

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Apostle Okoh Agyemang

Apostle Okoh Agyemang, the head pastor of Living Yahweh Seventh Day Sabbath Assemblies, has raised eyebrows about the generosity of some of his peers in Christendom.

He said some church and secret society leaders are giving gifts that have spiritual strings attached to them. 

Some of these gifts, he warned, will come back to haunt the beneficiaries.

“Many of these gifts have a motive behind them, so, be wary when some of these leaders are throwing such gifts at you”, he noted.

Apostle Okoh Agyemang expressed these concerns when he spoke on No.1 FM’s ‘Journey to Heaven’ show on Monday, 8 October 2021.

He said gifts are good but the motive behind some of these gifts must be of concern to the receiver, he added.  

According to him, all manner of people are parading themselves as leaders of the church and doing things beyond the imagination of well-meaning Christians. 

Many of their actions, he pointed out, are in sharp contrast to the teachings of the Bible.

He said people who belong to some of these secret and occultic societies are behaving like church leaders and showering gifts on innocent children as part of their rituals

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