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Coup is an abomination, let’s not encourage such conversations – Rev. Frimpong Manso

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 Rev. Professor Frimpong Manso

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana Rev. Professor Frimpong Manso has called on Ghanaians to condemn any attempt to encourage a coup in Ghana.

According to the outspoken man of God, coup d’état wrecks the good fortunes of every nation and should not be encouraged in our national conversations.

Addressing the media in Koforidua on the sidelines of the induction service of Rev. Dr. Albert Anane, the Eastern Regional Superintendent elect of the Church, Professor Frimpong Manso who described recent coup rumours in the country as an abomination called on Ghanaians to treat coup-related issues with serious contempt.

“As an individual, I am worried because coup destroys every nation we have seen. Right from the 60s until 1992 the instability, the sudden change, killings, anarchy and what have you, firing people, it couldn’t change lives, and it couldn’t bring progress. It couldn’t bring development, that’s why we went back to democracy in 1992 or 1993. We are not there yet, but gradually we will get there that’s why we change government, we change MPs, we change leaders so to me the ballot is stronger than the bullet, so Ghanaians should not encourage or promote such things. We should not even bring coup d’etat in our national conversation because coups are an abomination, they are detestable, and we should treat any coup issues with contempt that they deserve”.

Prof. Frimpong Manso called on the clergy to speak truth to power, regardless of social or political tags, for the citizenry to have a better life.

“Some pastors compromise because they are afraid of what people will say. –He is NDC, he is NPP and you will get these politicians speaking against us. When we speak they say the pastors speak too much, when we don’t speak they say the pastors are not speaking.”

“When God calls a leader he gives them the opportunity and the boldness to speak not only to religious issues but social and national issues.”

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