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Fallen standard of training cause of indiscipline in military – VAG

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According to VAG, the fallen standard of training is responsible for the decline in the discipline that the Military is noted for

The Veterans Association of Ghana (VAG) has bemoaned the fallen standard of training for military personnel in the country.

According to the association, the fallen standard of training is accountable for the decline in the discipline that the military is noted for.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 76th Remembrance Day Service held in Kumasi on Thursday, 11 November, 2021, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the VAG, Ex-Warrant Officer One (WO1) George Appiah told Class FM’s Ashanti Regional Correspondent, Elisha Adarkwah that: “It’s based on the training. The standard of training now has fallen compared to our time. That is why the discipline is dying out.

“So the training, they should improve it like the formal days. Exercises, we were doing so many exercises. We were having exercises, exercise team work; tiger path; battalion exercises; unit drills competition….”

He called for a reintegration of the old exercises to improve on the current standard of training for military personnel in the country.

WO1 Appiah said: “All those now, they’re no more in the service. So we want them to be revisited. We want them to be integrated now into the Armed Forces so that the standard of the training will be improved. A Soldier needs to do exercise always, you don’t need to stay in the barracks, at least once in a quarter you move out to the field, you go and exercise and come back to enjoy with your wife.

 “The standard of discipline in the service is dying down because of all these things is no more happening. I feel bad.”

Stressing on the health needs of a soldier being a contributing factor to ensuring the soldier stays strong and fit, he noted that, previously, health measures were put in place to ensure that the soldier was very strong such as monthly injections.

“If really they want the army to go back to its former status, all these thing must be brought back,” WO1 Appiah stated.  

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