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‘First they say it is impossible; when we do it, they say they can do it better’ – VP Bawumia

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Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia says the governing New Patriotic Party’s successful implementation of its policies and projects, which the NDC vehemently opposed, has exposed the inconsistencies of the opposition party.

Speaking in Takoradi on Monday when he cut the sod for the construction of the first interchange in the Western Region, Dr Bawumia mocked the NDC for consistently opposing the NPP’s policies and progressive initiatives and then staging an about-turn to say they will do it better, citing Free SHS, Zipline and the Synohrdro infrastructure agreement as examples.

He said the NPP government negotiated a $2 billion bauxite for development barter agreement with Synohydro, but the NDC staged vehement protests against the deal, including writing to the IMF to raise its red flag against the deal. Under the deal, the Sinohydro Group Limited of China is providing infrastructure of the government’s choice in exchange for the equivalent of Ghana’s refined bauxite.

Under the Synohydro arrangement, each of Ghana’s 16 regions is benefitting from infrastructure projects including hospital projects, extension of electricity to rural communities, construction of roads and interchanges, including the Takoradi interchange, which Vice President Bawumia cut the sod for on Monday.

Speaking at the sod-cutting ceremony for the construction of the Synohydro-funded interchange in Takoradi on Monday, Vice President Bawumia recalled how the NDC opposed the Synohydro agreement and how they launched scathing attacks on the government.

“This is a game-changing agreement which is providing much-needed infrastructure to the people of Ghana in all the regions, but the NDC said no. They opposed it, they attacked us and they even reported us to the IMF, but the IMF told them no,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“How can you do that when you have the nation at heart? Even development to the people of Ghana through Synohydro, the NDC opposed it.”

Apart from development projects at the rural level, Dr Bawumia also listed major projects from Phase 1 of the Synohydro agreement, which he said has exposed the NDC’s sincerity.

“The construction of the PTC interchange is part of Phase 1 of the Sino Hydro projects, including; the Accra Inner City Roads, Kumasi Inner City Roads, Tamale Interchange Project, Adenta–Dodowa dual carriageway, Sunyani inner-city roads, Western Region and Cape Coast inner-city roads.”

“Others are the upgrading of selected feeder roads in Ashanti and Western regions, rehabilitation of Akim Oda- Ofoase- New Abirem Roads and Hohoe –Jasikan-Dodo Pepesu Road, and many other.”

“All these development projects to our people have exposed the NDC, their sincerity.”

The Vice President also mocked the NDC for what he described as their trademark in opposing every good initiative by the government, and then when it becomes a success, they will tell Ghanaians they can do it better.

“The NDC has a trademark in opposing everything. Any good initiative we bring out, they oppose it,” Dr Bawumia said.

“First, they say it is impossible and then when we do it, they say they can do it better,” he added.

“They opposed the Synohydro but we are giving the Ghanaian people infrastructure through that. They opposed Free SHS and said it was impossible. But we ha successfully implemented that and now they say they can do better.”

“They opposed one constituency one ambulance but every constituency has an ambulance; they opposed one village one dam, but the farmers and Chiefs in the north are commending the government; they opposed one district one factory but we are building the factories and now they say they can do better.”

“They even opposed the Zipline medical drone service and told people that we would use the drones to take pictures of them in their bathrooms, but we have all seen the impact of the Zipline drone in providing emergency medical service to remote parts of the country.”

“Even when we said our children should go back to school and prepare for their WASCEE and BECE exams, they opposed it and said we wanted the children to die. But by the grace of God, the SHS students have completed and our children are writing their BECE.”

“That is their trademark, everything good, they oppose it. And then they will turn around later and want to be a part of it.”

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