I Would Have Sex With My Father If Not The Love I Have For My Mother – Actress – VIDEO

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Esther Ifeoma Nwachukwu

A budding Nigerian actress identified as Esther Ifeoma Nwachukwu has set tongues wagging with rage after she was heard spewing ‘nonsense’ on social media.

A video making rounds on social media captured the actress saying she would love to have steaming s*x with her biological father but the love she has for her mother is stopping her.

Esther claims the pain her mother might deal with if she finds out her daughter slept with her husband stops her every time she has the urge to do that despicable act.

“If not for the love i have for my mother and i don’t want my mother to die, who is my father wey i no fir Knack?” she quizzed in the trending video.

The confidence the actress used in saying the above made some social media users take to her comment section to drum sense into her thick skull but she paid deaf ears to their talks.

Watch the video below.

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