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Just like children are given polio, measles vaccines, Ghanaians should approach COVID vaccine same- Dr Timothy Ofori

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The Director of Health at the Ahanta West District of the Western Region, Dr Timothy Ofori has said that the way Ghanaians allowed their children to be vaccinated for Polio, measles, chicken pox so should they approach the COVID-19 vaccine.

They have been some misconception about the COVID-19 vaccine with others saying white people want to eliminate Africans through the vaccines.

But speaking on Ghana Waves’ Face-to-Face, Dr Ofori said “I don’t know where that misconceptions is coming from but the evidence is clear and that vaccines are to help us.”

“Vaccines are good and Ghanaians have no right to complain after benefitting from several vaccines especially the Vaccinated Preventive Diseases.”

He also urged people not to shiver at the mention of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Do not shiver at the mention of COVID-19 vaccines because there are scientists at the Ghana Health Service who will ensure the vaccines are effective before they are administered,” he added.

Source: Ghana Waves

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