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Kevin Taylor under fire for calling ‘Borgas” as Fools and Useless

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Ghanaian broadcaster and social media commentator, Kevin Ebow Baidoo Taylor has come under fire with people living in abroad popularly known as ‘borgas’ as fools and tribalistic for criticizing President, John Dramani Mahama over corrupt practices in his government leaving the current President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo out of the conversation.

In his recent video, Kevin Taylor said people have spent over 20 years living abroad comfortably with stable electricity, living affordable houses, and even getting their salaries paid on time yet these people have not contributed anything significant for the country, Ghana. He further said they are the first people to call into media houses and complain about how the country is developing.

This did not go down with people living abroad with most of them venting their anger and frustration on how they are taking care of people in Ghana and yet their contributions are not recognized.

One of them, a pastor, Obuoba who comes from Kwaku said “Kevin does not know how some of us got here and yet you sit there and call us fools. Do you know the number of people we are taking care of in Ghana?   Even the political parties know that without us the country cannot develop.”

Another Ghanaian living in abroad, Twumasi recall how they came together to condemn Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for calling him (Kevin)’s father names but today he it’s there and calls them names. “We stood for you when Kennedy Agyapong called you names and now you sit in your room and insult adults like us as fools. We leave your judgment to God.”

Messages have been pouring in that he should apologize and retract the comment but he is yet to.

Audio Reactions of some Ghanaian’s living abroad (“Borgas”)


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