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‘Killer’ pastor Sylvester Ofori was backsliding into occultism – Barbara’s sister gives chilling account

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Sophia Tommey on Kofi TV,

A sister of Barbara Tommey, the lady who was shot seven times and killed by her husband in Orlando, Florida, says her brother-in-law, Sylvester Ofori, at a point in his ministry backslid into occultism and wanted to usher her sister into it but it did not work.

Sophia Tommey who spoke on Kofi TV, stated that, about two years ago, her late sister, Barbara realised that her husband, Sylvester, who is a pastor had joined some occultic group so she decided to move out of the marriage.

She explained that Sylvester visited Ghana after he got married to her sister. And in the company of Sylvester’s two friends David and Suzy, “we followed him to the mountains to pray. When we came back from the mountains, Sylvester told me he needs to establish a branch of his church here in Ghana so he will be visiting one of his pastor friends in Nzema”.

She explained that when Sylvester returned from his Nzema trip, he told her that they met one “powerful” pastor who was doing all kinds of incantations, adding that after Sylvester left Ghana with his friends back to the US, he returned again secretly and went back to Nzema again to meet the “powerful” pastor for the second time.

“Sylvester had denounced God after he visited Nzema and was given a book to read. He then gave the book to my sister to read and after reading, she was also showing signs of denouncing God to follow the husband but she [Barbara] later recovered through prayers. My sister later discovered her husband had joined an occult group and filed for divorce,” Sophia Tommey narrated.

She explained that Barbara had moved out from her matrimonial home in the immediate three months leading up to the shooting incident, but only returned to the house on Sunday, September 6, for some documents when Sylvester nearly choked her to death.

Sophia Tommey explained that this made their brother, Perry angry and physically attacked Sylvester- a situation which was captured in that sad viral video. She thus suggested that Sylvester would have most likely killed Barbara earlier on September 6.

When asked about the death threat that the brother-in-law issued to her sister, Sophia indicated that Barbara was preparing to lodge a formal complaint with the police on that Tuesday that she was shot by the husband.

“Barbara was the breadwinner of the family and owned all the properties. Sylvester was just a pastor so the thought of losing everything pushed him to kill my sister,” she cried.

Sophia added that the family could not do much to help the situation since her late sister was very secretive and reclusive.

“Barbara was a very quiet person so all the things we heard were from her friends; she never told us what she was going through until her death” she bemoaned.

Sophia announced that Barbara Tommey, her deceased sister, will be buried on September 26, and expressed confidence that the police would get justice for the family.

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