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NDC will recapture Damongo seat – Muntawakilu

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The former NDC Member of Parliament for Damongo Constituency in the Savannah Region, Adam Muntawakilu, has asserted that the party’s chances of recapturing the seat are almost a certainty.

According to him, the factors that led to his defeat in the last election are fast-changing, and believes the NDC will win back the seat in 2024.

Mr. Muntawakilu lost the Damongo seat after eight years in Parliament to the NPP’s Samuel Abdulai Jinapor in 2020.

Speaking to Citi News after a day’s training workshop for party Communicators in Damongo, Mr. Muntawakilu said there is an eighty percent chance that the NDC will recapture the seat.

“Recapturing this seat is something I can say is 80% possible. Most of what happened in 2020 will not repeat itself. Bussing of over 5,000 people and only winning above 2,000 will not happen. Secondly, they didn’t know who they were dealing with; now they have got to know him and in less than a year his own party people have started rejecting his gifts, so the dynamics are fast changing.”

Asked if he will be contesting for the seat in the next election, Mr. Muntawakilu said he is still consulting and assessing the situation to decide.

“For now, I am still doing my own internal research, and until I am done with that I cannot make a conclusive statement on whether I will contest or not, so when the time comes, and I am interested I will contest, and anybody the party decides on will be supported by all of us.”

A former Minister of State, Alhaji Mohammed Limuna, called for unity within the party in the constituency.

He said they cannot continue to be fighting each other if they intend to be victorious in 2024.

“I am urging all of us to have two-way communication. Please they should let us come together, we are now orphans, we don’t have a mother, we don’t have a father in the constituency, so we cannot continue quarreling when we are orphans, we must come together, strategize and go for the seat.”

For the Damongo Constituency’s Communications Officer for the party, there is every indication that Adam Muntawakilu is the man to lead them to recapture the seat.

He said as a party in opposition, the communicators will lead the charge in ensuring their messages get to the voters.

“Hon. Muntawakilu’s votes in the last election went up by over 3,000 though he lost, so we as Communicators have to do more to market him. He has done a lot for the constituency and the people have come to realise that project politics is better than money sharing so all we have to do is market our products better and our products are Adam Muntawakilu and John Dramani Mahama.”

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