There Are Many Things You Don’t Know, Stop Downgrading Our Talents – Isaac Quarcoo Tell Ghanaians

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Isaac Quarcoo

Songwriter and ontime Entertainment record label boss has once again lashed out at a section of Ghanaians who are in the habit of comparing musicians in Ghana to those in other countries especially Nigerian artists.

In a recent interview Mr. Isaac Quarcoo also known as Travelz expressed total displeasure in what he terms as the ‘Typical Ghanaian Attitude’. According to the talented writer there are lots of hidden deals that make what we see on the screens and in the trends possible. He added that though those deals are not public, it’s not a secret that big foreign record labels and distribution companies are behind these artists that are seen as top-tier as result of the numbers they are raking in.

‘who should come and celebrate our artists for us ? Why do we ridicule their hard work when most of our A list artists are working solo? Tell me, how many of this Nigerian artists can go solo and still do what our guys are doing? let’s cut them some slack for Christ sake!”, He Said.

He also added that, ‘People keep raising concerns about why the music charts in Ghana are drown in the pool of Nigerian music and I totally understand but I have a question for them; who owns these stores? who? The same big labels that have signed those artists, so how do we beat such investment?’

Isaac Quarcoo said for close to a decade now that he went full time into writing songs for artists, he has seen the likes of Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and Shattawale who have over the years made remarkable statements by rising solo and maintaining it solo till now. He is therefore of the view that it will be insanely disrespectful to compare them to the young ones as a result of numbers.

‘Let’s not reduce Shattawale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and the rest to nothing because some young ones are making numbers today. As a society we must come together to protect our artists like the other countries are doing. It’s nothing but good PR and pure love not any extraordinary talent. I have great hopes that with time, our artists will buy into the idea of collaborating with these labels’ though it’s not a hidden secret that most of them milk the artists’

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