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Treason trial: Court admits audiovisual recordings into evidence despite objections

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The High Court has overruled objections raised by lawyers of accused persons in the coup plotters case and gone ahead to admit a hard drive containing audiovisual recordings of activities of the alleged coup plotters.

The lawyers of the accused persons at a hearing on Monday grounded their objections on the originality, authenticity, and relevance of the recordings, as well as breach of the accused person’s right to privacy.

But the court ruled that the said recordings have passed the admissibility test, as such are admissible.

The court exercised its discretion under Article 18 of the Constitution to admit the secretly recorded audio and videos since, it says, the matter is in the public interest relative to the seriousness of the charges.

Consequently, Justice Serwa Botwe’s three-panel Court has gone ahead to admit the recordings into evidence.

The Ghana Police Service completed its investigations into the case of an alleged plot to throw the country into a state of instability by a group of people.

According to the case by the state, the accused persons had plotted to destabilize the state and topple the government.

Ten persons including three civilians, six military personnel and a senior police officer faced charges of treason felony and conspiracy to commit treason felony.

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