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Weddings, funerals limited to two hours but with no reception

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The President, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo- Addo has banned post weddings and funerals where sympathizers and well-wishers sit, eat, drink and dance.

He limited such events to a duration of two hours and they must be held in open spaces with all other protocols such as mask wearing, social distancing and avoidance of handshakes put in places.

In his 26th COVID-19 Update address on Sunday , July 25, 2021, the President said “The COVID-19 Taskforce, which I chair, has recommended that a second look be taken at the protocols that have been put in place for social and public gatherings, in particular weddings and funerals, across the country. I have, in previous updates, emphasised the need for the strict observance of safety protocols at all such gatherings. To ensure that such gatherings do not become the sources of infections, the following must be adhered to by all at these gatherings”.

“The wearing of masks continues to be mandatory, and persons must respect the enhanced hygiene protocols; all such events must be held in open air spaces; the duration of such events is limited to two (2) hours; there must be observance of the one (1) metre social distancing rule; and  handshakes must be avoided.”

“Furthermore, given that people sitting together to eat, drink, laugh, dance and talk in large gatherings, without masks, are the riskiest activities for spreading the virus, all post-event receptions, particularly related to weddings and funerals, are banned. I want to reiterate that protocols surrounding activities in churches and mosques remain the same, as are protocols in schools,” he added.

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